Calypso Bergère Mysteries

New release: Calypso and the Severed Portrait

A mysterious painting. A spirited young artist. Can she discover the origin of the painting and learn the secrets of her mother’s past?

Paris, 1931. Calypso Bergère has moved to Paris to study at the Sorbonne, though what she really wants is to become an artist. Staying at her aunt Nina’s apartment she finds an old portrait of her mother. Nina is evasive about the painting’s history and claims to know nothing of its origin. Frustrated with her aunt’s denials, Calypso decides to research the matter herself.

On her journey into the bohemian past of Montmartre, Calypso discovers some unsettling facts about her mother’s youthful years in Paris and lays bare a tale of desperation, deceit, and death.

Calypso and the Severed Portrait is the first novella in a series of intriguing historical mysteries, set in the troubled, glamorous world of 1930s France.

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