Calypso Bergère Mysteries

New release: Calypso and the Christmas Map

A missing person. A mysterious map. A determined young woman. Can she solve the puzzle of the professor’s disappearance while everyone around her just wants to celebrate Christmas?

Paris, Christmas, 1931. Much to her father’s disapproval, Calypso Bergère has left the Sorbonne to study art at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts. Her favourite teacher, Professor Sandrine Mistral, is taken ill one day and Calypso escorts her home. Calling at Sandrine’s apartment on Christmas Eve to check she is well, Calypso finds the professor missing, traces of blood, and an enigmatic map beautifully drawn by Sandrine herself.

On her her chase through the streets of Christmas-time Paris, Calypso learns just how unknowable other people can be and discovers that not all is what it seemed.

Calypso and the Christmas Map is the second novella in a series of intriguing historical mysteries, set in the troubled, glamorous world of 1930s France.

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