Calypso Bergère Mysteries

New release: Calypso and the Accidental Recording

A woman singing for her lover on an amateur recording, and then the frightening sounds of violence and a death threat. What have Calypso and her friend Olivia just heard on the disc they found in a Left Bank record shop? Can the two young artists find out what really happened to the singer of the song?

Paris, 1932. Calypso Bergère and Olivia Cooper come across a couple of amateur records in a record shop’s bargain bin. Much to Olivia’s scorn, Calypso decides to buy them. But when they listen to one of them at home they hear an accidental recording that disturbs and upsets them. Calypso resolves to find out what happened to the woman on the recording and Olivia reluctantly joins the search.

As the two young women investigate, they are drawn into the Parisian underworld of crime and nightlife, and soon get caught up in a tangled web of lies, suspicion, and murder.

Calypso and the Accidental Recoding is the third novella in a series of intriguing historical mysteries, set in the troubled, glamorous world of 1930s France.

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