Author: Kit Ward

Graham Greene

Time to write

Long ago, when I was young and impressionable, I read a profile of the novelist Graham Greene. His writing routine was mentioned. Greene would write for an hour or so each morning, producing 500 words, and then stop, his day’s work done.

Famous Five

Bashing Enid Blyton

English Heritage caused a kerfuffle recently when it updated its website entry about Enid Blyton. EH’s interest in Blyton relates to its responsibility for London’s blue plaque scheme, which marks buildings where notable people of the past lived or worked.

Leonid Pasternak

Five years a blockhead

My first blog, These Islands, was five years old last month. Though it’s not exactly my first blog — I had a couple of false starts which are best not mentioned here. In any case, this anniversary seems a good time to consider why I still blog.