Author: Kit Ward

Children's alphabet

the movement that does not capitalize

I was intrigued by the news that Dr Linda ManyGuns, the Associate Vice-President of Indigenization and Decolonization at Canada’s Mount Royal University — I’m sorry, I’ll start that again. I was intrigued by the news that dr linda manyguns, the associate vice-president of indigenization and decolonization at mru, has joined something called the movement that does not capitalize.

Diversity icons

Sensitive skein

I try to keep up with the modern world, I really do. I read the news headlines every morning, I read a newspaper most days, I subscribe to a few of the weekly magazines, I listen to podcasts. Even so, stuff passes me by.

Plaza de Toros de Alicante

Passing by the Plaza de Toros

I made my first post-Covid trip abroad last month, to Alicante in southern Spain. It was a family visit and each day was arranged around the routines and rhythms of domestic life. But I did take on a walk on my own most mornings, wandering around this easy-going, unpretentious city that I’ve come to know quite well over the years